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Deep-Tissue Cleansing

Jennifer E. H.

Posted on August 16 2019

Deep-Tissue Cleansing


Author, Natalia Rose, makes the case that 'deep-tissue cleansing' is vital to overall good wellness. In addition to her nine related books, there is a wealth of information on her website, DetoxTheWorld.com.



So, what exactly is deep-tissue cleansing?

More than just eating properly, deep tissue cleansing is about: 1) safely eliminating waste from the body and 2) ingesting fewer toxins than you can safely eliminate. Holistically, a truly deep cleanse includes the physical body as well as the emotional and mental bodies.

Why does deep tissue cleansing matter?

The accumulation of waste in the body can be detrimental to one's overall good health. According to Ms. Rose, "(waste) doesn't sit there innocuously - it rots." In addition, she states that accumulated waste may be a factor in cellular degeneration. The basic idea is that as waste accumulates, the harder your immune system has to work. Eventually, it can overload leaving your defenses down and making you more prone to illness.

Ms. Rose states: "The good news of tissue cleansing is that we can remove  accumulation and the pathogens by hydrating and magnetizing the waste up and out of the cells and tissues bringing space and kinetic energy in the body." Visit Detox The World for more information.



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