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Celebrate the Holidays

Jacqueline E. H.

Posted on November 07 2019

Celebrate the Holidays


Traditions are like comfort foods to me; such as a warm bowl of tomato soup with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich or a big bowl of ice cream. Around the holidays especially, traditions stir up feelings of peace, comfort, and family togetherness.

Our family traditions began with the things my husband and I experienced as children. We each have our favorite memories. For example, opening presents on Christmas Eve was the norm for my husband's family. Additionally, Thanksgiving Day found my family sitting around the table; while his parents and eight siblings enjoyed their dinner buffet style. So, like everything else, we compromised to establish new family traditions. Christmas Day, gifts are opened, and relaxed buffets are reserved for trimming the tree two weekends after Thanksgiving as well as New Year’s Day.

Most families have customs that evoke love, comfort, and warmth. The holidays are not the time to bring a fried wild duck to the table when everyone is expecting a savoring golden-brown turkey (unless, of course, the duck is your tradition.) Every year, my mother would threaten to make a bread stuffing, but we kids would scream for my great- grandmother’s wild rice stuffing. We make that dish every Thanksgiving and have passed the tradition along to our children.

Whether you are a family of two or more, bond with each other and welcome friends into your traditions.

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