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The Moment: Balancing Work, Life, and Family

Jacqueline E. H.

Posted on August 31 2019

The Moment: Balancing Work, Life, and Family


Recently, I was talking with a friend regarding her concerns about her married daughter. My friend's daughter had a corporate job and two teenage boys. This raised my memories of working and raising a family. I tried to balance working and keeping a “perfect” home for my husband and three children. I had tried but now I realize I was just balancing stress. I admire the parents of today who are living their lives  "in the moment."

"The moment"

Being 'in the moment' gives us the motivation to center on the immediate people, place and time of what we are doing right now. It means letting go of the urge to call home to check on things when at work. Letting go means putting aside the office emails at your child’s soccer game or answering those emails while the rest of the family is enjoying a Netflix binge. 

"Be where you are"

In a recent article by Courtney Connley, of CNBC's Make It, she highlights the universal working parent issues of Suzy Welch, best-selling author and business journalist, and how she turned things around for the better. It was the advice of a former boss that set Ms. Welch on a new path. Her boss’ advice: “be where you are.”

Good advice that many parents today have already learned.

Suzy Welch: I was working 50-hour weeks while raising 4 kids—this advice transformed my approach https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/27/suzy-welch-the-4-words-that-transformed-my-life-as-a-working-parent.html


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