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Madame CJ Walker

Jacqueline E. H.

Posted on August 05 2020

Today, in every niche of small business, you will find women entrepreneurs and progressive innovations inspired by females world-wide.  But more than a hundred years ago, a woman daring to attempt to forge her way into the male only business world was not almost unheard of but was met with resistance across society.  Now, picture that opposition if the woman happened to be Black.

Madame CJ Walker was a woman who had to fight not just male hostility but also the deep racism prevalent across American society.  As an inventor, developer,  and manufacturer of hair products for African American women, she became the first American female self-made millionaire.  She arose from the poverty of the post-civil war 1800’s to an early 20th century  business powerhouse, philanthropist and staunch supporter of political and social activism. Her impact upon the African American women and institutions of her time cannot be diminished. Her ambition and drive also gave rise to other African American women, of the early 1900’s, to become entrepreneurs by selling Madame Walker’s products. 

Today, millions of women have embraced their own ambition and drive to forge ahead into all areas of businesses and innovations.  More important are all the little girls growing up seeing women in power and leadership in every aspect of our society and culture.

For the young girls in our family, we hope AboutRuby.com is an inspiration in their lives.

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