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Coping with Work-Related Stress

Jennifer E. H.

Posted on August 14 2019

Coping with Work-Related Stress


Chronic work-related stress can have a lasting impact. In fact, not only can chronic stress hinder output, it can lead to serious problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. Let's face it: there are numerous strategies to mitigate the symptoms of stress (self-care, exercise and etc), however, chronic stress runs deep. For some, dealing with the root cause your work-related stress may boil down to one single question:

What is my WHY?

What is my ultimate 'why?' In other words, what is my reason for being? Is my company's 'why' aligned with my own personal 'why'? Why or why not? Personally, the misalignment of my 'why' to my work was the underlying cause of my work-related stress.

Watch the video below for more.

(Video below is courtesy of YouTube: Chico Lima and is excerpted from Simon Sinek's TEDx Talk)



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