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Jacqueline E. H.

Posted on October 01 2019



Loving the Transition

I have always loved autumn. It is my favorite season. Let me be clear; it is not just because the colors of warmth and comfort emerge from the cooling greens of summer. I love summer too, but fall transitions us to four months of family, friends, traditions and joyful celebrations. Celebrations that encompass favorite foods and special treats that are enjoyed just once or twice a year. Autumn is the season that opens the way to our year-end festivities.

If you have children, it's that class list of supplies, attending soccer, football or basketball games and back to school nights. It is a hectic time to try and fit all these activities into our busy schedules. But take 10 minutes and “smell the leaves”.  Yes, there is a smell to fall; generated by the sense of renewal and revitalization. The fun and silliness of Halloween, whose turn is it to host Thanksgiving and finally the whirlwind joy of the holidays.

Please, join me in loving autumn. Anticipate fall one day at a time and we will get through it. Hopefully, with smiles, laughter, and contentment.

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